Bridget Desroches


Helen is very engaging, extremely knowledgeable…She made the course fun and interesting.


How has this programme supported you leadership and management objectives? ‘The programme has given me the opportunity to learn about a wide range of management skills and behaviours, and how I can both apply these to my own objectives, and identify focus areas.’

What impact has the programme had on you? ‘It has made me much more aware of my own behaviour and management style and given me an opportunity to reflect on how I currently manage/behave in my organisation and how I can/want to improve.’

What aspect of the programme have you most enjoyed? ‘I have most enjoyed the interaction with the other women and the group discussion. I have really benefited¬†from the experience and knowledge in the group and it has been a lot of fun!’

Please comment on the programme trainer: ‘Helen is very engaging, extremely knowledgeable and has clearly gone above and the beyond the curriculum. She made the course fun and interesting.’

Please add any further comments/feedback: ‘I have taken a lot from this course, both professionally and personally and would hope to keep in touch with the group.’