Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit

This unique and enjoyable programme, was designed by a psychologist, to enhance and protect  mental health and wellbeing and mitigate some of the impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The programme was developed and then piloted  by Helen Jones (Cortecs’ Director) as part of a mixed methods randomised controlled trial the results of which are being submitted for publication following it’s inclusion in Doctorate research. The programme’s level of success was such that following the pilot both organisations, based on the feedback from participants (see below) involved requested that the programme be delivered to staff that had not been included in the study.

Below is feedback that Ewan Hilton – Chief Executive of Platfform, one of the organisation that participated in the research received and kindly forwarded to us –

‘I just wanted to drop you a quick email regarding the assertive resilience training  (Mental Health & Wellbeing  Toolkit) we’ve been receiving from Helen Jones. I’ve been with Platfform 4 years and I have been lucky enough to attend numerous training courses that I have really enjoyed and learnt so much from. However, I honestly believe that the knowledge and understanding gained from these training sessions has started to change my life.
I know that sounds like a huge statement especially after three sessions but I’ve struggled with anxiety and PTSD for several years. When I have started to feel out of control or anxious in the past three weeks I have used the different tools such as the worry tree and the locus of control to challenge my own thoughts and it has honestly worked.
I have started to see an improvement in my sleep with focusing on what I’ve been able to achieve in the day before I go to sleep rather than things that have been out of my control during this pandemic and I have certainly had less restless nights.
I am honestly so excited for everyone to receive the training so we all have these little toolkits to help us in managing our own mental health, support our colleagues and the individuals we support. I also feel really privileged to work for an organisation that prioritises staff wellbeing.’

The programme combines cognitive behavioural therapy, neuroscience and the latest psychological research to provide a range of techniques and strategies to rebuild resilience, improve low mood and reduce anxiety.

Your organisation may be eligible for full or part funding for this programme, contact for more details.

Programme Structure – The programme consists of four, two-hour sessions. The sessions are delivered once a week for four weeks.

Programme delivery – The programme is delivered online through the secure online platform – Microsoft Teams. To maximise the benefit to participants there are a maximum of six participants per cohort.

Below are links to two case studies from organisations whose staff have completed the programme-

An example of the feedback from the Legal Aid Agency –

“We’ve got a whole new language now (like ‘knock the parrot off’). It’s become part of our lives. It’s made us all aware that our mental health is just like any other part of our health and can suffer at times, especially during the last year. Lockdowns have affected everybody in different ways, so I think the course came just at the right time for us. It was wonderful.”

An example of the feedback from Barcud –

“They have learned lots of new tools and coping strategies for managing negative emotions or situations. They’re using a lot of the Toolkit in their personal lives as well as work life for example the Worry Tree which is ‘bloody brilliant!’ It’s a well-structured course and the trainer was nice.”

For more information – Contact for more information.