Manager’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit

This 1 day workshop – Manager’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit provides managers with a range of practical skills, techniques and knowledge for managing workplace mental health and stress.

The workshop enables managers to develop awareness of the impact of stress and mental health in the workplace and develop practical skills in managing both themselves and others mental health and level of stress.

The workshop explores appropriate boundaries, enabling managers to judge if the level of support required is beyond their remit / capabilities and know what actions to take in this situation.

The workshop complements the Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit programme.

Workshop Content

  • Practical Strategies – for managing own stress and others.
  • Impact of Mental Health Issues & Stress – awareness of the importance of supporting good mental health and stress management techniques
  • Management Behaviours – identifying management actions / behaviours that create stress
  • Review HSE Guidance – applying HSE guidance in the workplace

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