Angela Manning


‘Helen has a very calm, pleasant and engaging style.’


How has this programme supported you leadership and management objectives? ‘I think this has been a useful refresher of leadership and management skills that I have developed over my career! As I’m not in a line management role currently I had lost sight of the fact that I can apply these skills to my current role.’

What impact has the programme had on you? ‘It has been a confidence boost that I do have the knowledge, skills and behaviours we have discovered. It has reminded me of what I am good at!’

What aspect of the programme have you most enjoyed? ‘Taking time out every month to give consideration to leadership and management. Being able to discuss real examples in a safe environment has been really helpful.’

Please comment on the programme trainer? ‘Helen has a very calm, pleasant and engaging style. She has provided a lot of insight to leadership and management calling on her psychology background. She has been helpful and supportive throughout especially when it came to assignment time.’