Almero Barnard – Laboratory Manager


‘The programme has supported my understanding of the fundamentals of leadership and management. It has also allowed me to improve my approach to meeting my leadership and management objectives. I have made significant changes in my approach to certain situations, as well as my personal
development. I have fulfilled leadership and management roles for a number of years, but never had the opportunity to confirm that what I had learned in practice was (or was not) aligned with good practice. The enthusiasm of our coach/lecturer and the interactive nature of the sessions. The use of
assignments to build on our learnings and understanding of different aspects of the course was also great. I also enjoyed the case studies and examples used by the coach/lecturer, which put further context on the already valuable course content.’

‘Helen has been a superb trainer/presenter/coach during the course. She presented each session with passion for the subject matter whilst delivering in an easily receivable and understanding manner. Thank you!’