How a Newsagent in Burton on Trent changed my life!


I was on a course at the Bass Brewery in Burton on Trent nearly 20 years ago. After a day of tastings and being shown around I wandered back to my hotel stopping on the way to buy snacks for an evening of watching TV in a hotel room.

I searched the newspaper and magazine racks for something interesting to read and there it was New Scientist magazine. I don’t remember the cover but I know it featured the inspired artwork that reflects through striking and often beautiful imagery the science within. I devoured, along with a bag of crisps and a Crunchie, the articles on everything from quantum mechanics to psychology. Some of it I didn’t understand, but I loved knowing that there were people out there who not only understood, but were busy pushing the boundaries of humanities understanding and now mine too.

I quickly became a subscriber to make absolutely sure I didn’t miss my weekly science fix. I took particular interest in the psychology articles, explaining the latest research, busting myths and exploring current affairs in terms of behavioural drivers.

Fast forward 20 years and I now have a degree and masters in occupational psychology, I have launched Cortecs which reflects the value I place on harnessing psychological knowledge and understanding what drives our behaviour. I still subscribe to New Scientist and read it from cover to cover every week. In a couple of weeks I am heading to London for New Scientist Live where I will spend two heavenly days in the Brain and Body Theatre immersed in the latest scientific perspectives on everything from gender stereotyping to brain fitness.

I am sure that amongst the people of every age attending the event there will be others, who like me, will be inspired to follow their own path in science and to stretch their brains and their lives in unexpected directions.

So thank you New Scientist, from your biggest fan!

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