Celebrating 100% Success


The celebration of achieving the ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management programme celebrations prove a wonderful start to 2018.

After winning the contract to develop, deliver and assess the ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management for Chwarae Teg as part of their hugely successful Agile Nation 2 programme in late 2016. It was wonderful to start 2018 with the graduation event to celebrate the success of the over 50 women who achieved the qualification.

100% of the women who completed the programme achieved the qualification which Cortecs, Chwarae Teg and the participants are all rightly proud of. Helen Jones, who led this project for Cortecs, said ‘This whole journey from the first meeting with the wonderful Chwarae Teg team, the first cohort’s first workshop in February 2017 to the graduation event last week, has been an absolute joy. Getting to know all of these wonderful women from so many diverse organisations has been both a pleasure and a privilege. I thank Chwarae Teg for the opportunity and every participant for their hard work and commitment. I will genuinely miss seeing you all every month

The participants were equally effusive about Helen with comments including

Fantastic. Hugely entertaining, professional and experienced.’,

‘Really great – loads of additional knowledge on psychology, brain science and its relationship to behaviours. Invaluable.’


‘Excellent, engaging, knowledgeable, responsive to the learners and very approachable.’

When asked about the programmes impact a participant said –

‘I have been in management for a number of years – this course has provided me with new ways of thinking about my leadership style and will support me in becoming a better leader / manager.  It has provided me with lots of new ways of dealing with various situations, leadership etc. I have implemented the ideas into my day to day work.’

Another participant said

‘The main impact for me is that I can logically step through my leadership skills. I can ask myself what outcome I want to achieve, and set out achieving it. I am also more aware of my own personality and behaviours and how that may be both positively and negatively impacting my team.’

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