Engaging & Maintaining Interest!


For the second year I was speaking at the St John Wales annual conference. This year the topic was Engaging and Maintaining Interest. This essentially meant that I would be speaking to over a 100 dedicated individuals, all experienced trainers, who had given up their Saturday. If ever there was a moment to ensure that I practised what I preached this was it!

Where to start? Well, I decided, that in order to explore what successfully engages and maintains interest you have to explore the science and psychological processes. So as storm Brian whipped up the leaves outside, I set about whipping up people’s interest inside.

Armed with the latest research we set off on a tour of the five senses and how we can aim to stimulate them as we present information. From the attentional spotlight to mirror neurons, from hearing a smile to catching a yawn, we explored how our senses can be harnessed to enable individuals to remain engaged and embed learning.

It was great fun.  As always, the lovely St John conference attendees enthusiastically engaged with the process, adding their thoughts and experience to a day which combined lots of science based hints and tips, a less than robust but nevertheless successful live science experiment and a very competitive quiz to achieve my goal of not only speaking about engaging and maintaining interest but demonstrating how its done.

‘Fantastic, Fascinating, Informative’ was included in the lovely feedback received which is exactly what I  aiming for.

Thank you to everyone at St John Wales for such a lovely day x


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